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We offer a variety of rental timeframes

For 3 hour rentals - book online and come to our store to begin your island experience.

24 hour rentals - Time starts once you receive your equipment and will be due back/picked-up around the same time the following day. 24 hour rentals have a $25 delivery fee. 

3 day rentals - Free delivery! Time starts once you receive your equipment and will be due back/picked-up 72 hours later (example: receive it Monday 10am, due back Thursday 10am)

Weekly rentals - Free delivery! 

We carry several different styles of foam surfboards to meet everyone's surfing needs.

Our boards range from 5 1/2' short boards to 9' SSR boards.


We carry a variety of kayaks and paddleboards perfect for the waterway or the ocean. Lifejackets are included.


Our bikes are all 26". Helmets provided upon request.


We carry a wide variety of sizes to meet everyone's needs. When selecting the skimboard size, if you want to ride into the waves the best result would be the measurement from your toes to anywhere between your sternum and chin. (For larger riders you'll want to select the size closer to your chin). If you're just skimming along the shore you can select a smaller size if you'd like.

Body Board

Our beach chairs are hands-free backpack chairs that recline fully for optimum tanning (or sleeping). We also have highboys that sit higher off the ground.


For shade we have regular screw in the sand beach umbrellas and Shibumi shades. Shibumi's are for in-store pick-up and return only due to easy theft.

Beach chairs
Shibumi shade
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